BOISE -- A thick haze and layer of smoke has settled over the Treasure Valley.

All the fires burning in eastern Oregon and southern Idaho have caused the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality to issue a yellow air quality alert.

A big contributor to the smoke is the Stone Fire burning in the east foothills.

When it is hard to see the foothills it makes you worried about the air your breathing.

Gretchen Ediger lives on Mountain View Drive in Boise. Normally, she has a clear view of the mountains, but it was a little different Wednesday.

You can't see the mountains. said Gretchen Ediger.

All across the valley the view of the foothills is a little blurry.

It is not as pristine as one would like, said Ediger.

But Ediger isn't just worried about her mountain view.

When I see that I prefer not to be out in it, she said.

She's worried about her lungs, and for good reason.

There is very small particles from the smoke, from fires, and those are small enough that they actually penetrate deep into the lung, they are not filtered out when they breathe, said Dr. John East.

So for people with chronic lung diseases like emphysema or asthma, this air can make their conditions worse.

They should probably avoid being outdoors when the air quality is particularly bad, said Dr. East.

Dr. East says even people who are healthy should be careful when they are out in this smoke.

I think that strenuous activity is probably best avoided, said Dr. East.

And according to DEQ, people may need to be running on treadmills for awhile.

Based on what we are hearing from land managers and climatologists, fire weather people, we're probably going to be seeing a lot of it this summer, said David Luft with DEQ.

It appears Ediger may have to look a little harder to see the mountains.

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