NAMPA -- A Nampa man is behind bars after police say he punched two store employees at a Nampa Winco, tried to steal several cars from drivers in the parking lot, bit a man, then actually tried to steal several other cars from a nearby Jack in the Box restaurant.

Twenty-seven-year-old Marty Glass was arrested Tuesday afternoon after a string of violence that police say began inside the Winco store.

It was all over a stolen donut, explained Nampa Police Sgt. Tim Randall, who said the bizarre crime spree appeared excessive, to say the least.

Store employees told police when they confronted Glass for stealing the donut, he punched two employees in the head and neck.

Police say Glass then ran outside and attempted to carjack three cars, biting one man on the hand.

Once inside a stolen pickup, police say Glass hit a person in the parking lot, then rammed another vehicle before becoming high-centered on a curb outside of the nearby Jack in the Box restaurant.

The bizarre crimes allegedly didn't stop there.

After that, police say Glass tried to car jack a woman in the drive-thru, then allegedly jumped through the passenger side window of another vehicle.

He was arrested shortly afterward, Randall told KTVB, praising several citizens for their help cornering the crazed man.

Police tell KTVB they believe Glass was under the influence of something -- they don't know what -- and was taken to a local hospital shortly after his arrest to be medically evaluated.

He was eventually booked at the Canyon County Jail on multiple felony assault and battery charges.

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