BOISE -- A jury is deciding whether or not to find a local daycare provider guilty of murdering a two-year-old boy in 2009.

Prosecutors say Katherine Stanfield was watching young Wyatt Fesler in December of 2009 when she critically injured the young boy. Prosecutors and police say those injuries eventually killed Wyatt. Stanfield's defense team says she's innocent.

Wyatt was the son of her daughter's boyfriend. Despite not being related, family members told KTVB he called her 'grandma.'

Ada County deputy prosecuting attorney Daniel Dinger made the state's closing arguments in the case Thursday morning. Number one: was a crime committed? Was Wyatt murdered? And number two: did this defendant commit that crime? Is she the person who killed Wyatt? Dinger asked. The answer to both of those questions, is 'Yes.'

Dinger claims Stanfield assaulted 2-year-old Wyatt, who she was watching at the time, and caused blunt force trauma to his head. For that alleged crime, Stanfield is charged with first-degree murder.

This incident that caused Wyatt's injury was very physically violent, said Dinger.

Dinger also asserted that the boy's injuries would not have occurred with a simple fall, and that Stanfield has made inconsistent and untrue statements about the injry throughout the investigation.

That tells you that this child was a victim of physical abuse, Dinger said. There's no question on that. The injuries also tell you that Wyatt died from abusive head trauma. This was not an accident; this was not a child falling back; this was an intentional act of violence, abusive head trauma that caused his death, Dinger said.

However, Stanfield and her family say a medical condition caused Wyatt to constantly lose his balance,and that a fall caused the traumatic brain injury that took the young boy's life.

Kathy loved Wyatt. Wyatt loved her, said Stanfield's attorney Ed Odessey. It's a sad, tragic thing. But because it's a sad, tragic thing, does not mean that the last adult present with him has criminal responsibility.

Prosecutors dispute the claim that Wyatt had a medical condition, andsay he was a healthy little boy.

Odessey says Stanfield is a loving caretaker who happened to be there when Wyatt took a surprisingly fatal fall.

Kathy suffered a loss here, said Odessey. She's the one who lost her grandchild but it was not at her hand.

Stanfield is currently free on bond. KTVB asked her and her husband Bob Stanfield if they wanted to comment on this case, but they declined.

The jury adjourned Thursday without reaching a verdict. They will resume deliberations at 9 a.m. Friday.

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