BOISE -- Monday marked the end of the first Exergy Tour. Evelyn Stevens from the U.S. beat out the competition to claim the overall title.

Thousands of people came to cheer on the ladies during the past five days of the stage race, many of the fans were young girls.

We are going to watch the women bike riders, said 5-year-old Maris Hayes. She just wanted to watch the cyclists but her parents hope she sees something else as the women fly by.

We feel it is important that she sees the opportunities that she can get, said Luke Hays, Maris' father.

Maris' parents want her to know she can do anything -- even become a professional athlete. Maris told us she is already a bike rider, yeah with training wheels.

Many other parents and grandparents hoped their little girls would walk away from the race with big dreams.

I want to empower my granddaughter, said Jackie Gerard. I hope that she gets excited just by watching them.

But the riders in Exergy Tour are not just impressing the little girls, women of all ages are inspired.

This morning I might not have been out riding, said Lindsay Diggs. But I went to see them start and then I went out on Camel's Back Park and I'm coming back here to watch them finish. Got me out today at least.

There were a lot of men and boys lining the course at Exergy Tour. Many told KTVB seeing the professional women cyclists made them want to get on their bikes and train a little harder.

The Exergy Tour choose the National Association for Girls and Women in Sport as the race's charitable partner. The organization is dedicated to advocacy, education and promotion of women of all ages in sports. A fitting choice since the athletes at Exergy Tour seem to be inspiring and encouraging so many women to pick up a bike and get involved.

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