NEW PLYMOUTH -- In anticipation of Saturday's Komen Race for the Cure, KTVB's Dee Sarton has been spending some time on the road in rural Idaho.

And here's why- Idaho ranks last when it comes to women over 40 getting mammograms.

That's troubling enough, but consider this, women in rural Idaho are least likely to get their mammograms and most likely to discover breast cancer only in its later stages.

Both St. Alphonsus and St.Luke's have mobile mammography units canvassing the back roads of Idaho.

It's asparagus season in rural Idaho. Fresh picked, delicious, and good for you. Which means a lot of visitors to the Lee's 100-year-old farm - visitors like Grace McClaskey.

I came to get asparagus for the Eagle's farmer market, says McClaskey.

Little did she know she came to get something else too, thanks to a little nudge from Bonnie Magnuson.

Magnuson helps out at the farm, which also just happens to be one of the more unusual stops for the St. Alphonsus mobile mammogram unit.

McClaskey is a good sport, I didn't plan on this.

Freda Lee has lived on the asparagus ranch her whole life. She's the one who got the mobile unit to come here in the first place. She even does the scheduling.

They say, 'Out at your place? We don't have to go to the hospital?' and I say, 'No.' They park in our driveway, and you can get some asparagus while you're here... I really believe in it, says Lee.

She believes in it for people like McClaskey, who told KTVB that she's already had a mastectomy on one side back in 1997. Well I've neglected getting it done because our grandson for the last four years had cancer, and I just didn't have time to do it, and it wasn't special.

But this trip to the farm was special because Grace, the mobile mammography unit, and a woman who spoke up and said something were all in the same place at the same time.

It's a handy place to do it because you're not out in traffic, McClaskey says.

KTVB got word from her daughter a few days after we shot the story, that indeed Grace's mammogram turned up cancer... again.

McClaskey gave KTVB permission to share that news with you as a warning. If you're over 40 and you've been putting off getting a mammogram, take care of it right away.

It looks like she will soon have another mastectomy, but she's just thankful she didn't put it off and that Magnuson urged her to take those 10 minutes to get it done.

She can now fight the breast cancer battle again with all she's got.

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