STAR, Idaho -- There is still some standing water in fields in Star after the Boise River spilled into a nearby canal and flooded the canal banks.

Leaders in Star and Eagle declared a state of emergency in their cities. This allowed several agencies to respond quickly to the flooding, stopping it before it went from bad to worse.

On Monday, water from the Boise River climbed over its banks spilling into a canal and eventually started flooding fields near Linder Road and Highway 44.

Sgt. Pat Schneider with the Ada County Sheriff's Office says nearby homes could have been damaged if the breach had not been contained in time.

Eventually that canal then saturated all the other sites, small canals, which would have over-filled their banks and eventually, potentially gone into neighborhoods, business areas, things like that, with flooding causing a lot of property damage, said Schneider.

Schneider says Little Pioneer Irrigation Canal managers found out Monday that a headgate in the canal was leaking. They quickly realized there were actually two breaks in the river bank further downstream.

The breaks where the river broke through the canal was tucked away in the middle of the forest, said Schneider.

On Tuesday, Ada County Highway District crews put a large metal barrier in the headgate to reduce the flow of water into the canal. Once that was clear, crews were able to reach the other places where the river breached the banks. They then used bulldozers to fix the damaged berms that hold back the water.

Schneider couldn't thank crews enough for responding so quickly

So especially with the help of the Ada County Highway District, they all immediately jumped in on this and aggressively went after all three of those problems from the headgate all the way down to the two breaks, said Schneider.

He says multiple agencies will continue working together to monitor the Little Pioneer Canal. He urges people in Star and Eagle living near other canals to be very watchful of any new signs of flooding.

Schneider says if you or anyone near these canals see any incidents of rising water or flooding, contact the non-emergency Ada County dispatch at 377-6790 as soon as possible.

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