BOISE -- Confused about how or where to watch the world-class lady cyclists of the 2012Exergy Tour?

Don't be.

Organizers say traveling to-and-from the Exergy Tour's prologue and four stages should beexciting and convenient for spectators of all ages.

With hundreds of miles of beautiful terrain to pick from, race fans can choose from dozensof parking lots, roadside pull-outs, and hilltop summits (called 'Queen of the Mountain' sites) to watch from.

And while there's no official spectator area(s), officials say the preferred spots are asfollows:

Prologue: Boise's Julia Davis Park and the Boise Train Depot will provide great viewing for this fast-paced race.

Stage 1: Folks can get about 10 minutes of action from the top of Pump Road near Nampa, or simply watch the start and finish from downtown near the Nampa Rec. Center.

Stage 2:The Start/Finish area in downtown Kuna is the best place to watch this all-out sprint. The Kuna farmer's market is another great attraction that will be held in conjunction with the race.

Start time: 11 a.m.

Stage 3: From thetop of Beaver Creek Summit or Mores Creek Summit you can watch racers struggle through the epic climbs that that could decide the winner of the whole Tour

Start time: 12 a.m. in Crouch

End time: 3 p.m. in Idaho City

Stage 4:Great viewing spots include the high-points of Pierce Park Road and Cartwright Road

Officials also say you can t go wrong enjoying the start and finish action in Hyde Park, then strolling through the expo and enjoying the live entertainment.

Start time: 12 p.m.

A word of advice -- while some of the best spots to watch the Exergy Tour are located in andaround towns and near public parks, some of the tour's spectacular back-country spots don'thave convenient, or even modern facilities.

We're talking about the Idaho back-country, after all.

However, Exergy Tour Communications and Marketing Director Heather Hill says no matter where you go, you should bring plenty of water, lawn chairs, and sunscreen.

Cowbells and noisemakers too, Hill told KTVB, adding Cowbells have a very long history inthe sport of cycling.

Yet, this event isn't just about sitting and watching.

Live music, activities, food, beer, and games for kids are all part of the plan too.

That's because each of the Exergy Tour's five events includes a festive 'expo' where dozens local vendors will cater to spectators who need to cool off, fill up, and chill out.

It's very family friendly, Hill said. One thing that will be kind of fun, is that people can pick up their [free] passport to the exergy tour, and get it stamped everyday and can be entered to win prizes.

Each passport is a way to track your progress through the event, and also serves as a collectible.

The tentative locations of the expo events are as follows:

May 24 Boise

May 25 Nampa

May 26 Kuna

May 27 Idaho City

May 28 Boise

Exact locations will be updated on the Exergy tour's website in the coming weeks.
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