BOISE -- Darin Eisenbarth is a very special volunteer who helps at the City Light Home for Women and Children. Eisenbarth volunteers to teach interview skills, show folks how to search for jobs, and gives tips on how to meet and greet business people.

But lately, there's a new way to give back' that Eisenbarth has been working on -- and it's a skill he never knew he had.

Lately, he's been learning how to demolish homes for charity.

You see, Eisenbarth is also the President of the Boise based Zamzows chain, which offers all things Lawn, Garden, Pets, Wild Birds, Ponds and much more.

So when Eisenbarth heard that City Light needed help to tear down an old house that had been donated to the group, he quickly thought of planting a garden in its place.

But there was one problem.

I had no idea how to tear a building down, Eisenbarth said.

The solution?

Eisenbarth put in a call to everyone he knew, telling them that City Light needed to raise money. He also put his own money into the project, and combined it with a big donation from Zamzows.

Suddenly, the garden was going to be a reality. In fact, the whole demolition process happened in just one day. Crews from AAI Demolition in Boise helped knock down the house on March 22nd.

Some at the City Light Home couldn't believe how fast the process went.

Director Jean Lockhart even got a chance to help with the demolition.

We took an old, ugly building and tore it down, and now we're going to grow beautiful plants and that's very symbolic of what they are doing with their lives here, Lockhart said.

Now, staff and volunteers are already planting the future garden, which they say will help teach those at the shelter how to plant, cultivate, and raise food for themselves and their families.

There's even a greenhouse planned.

The site is directly across the street from the shelter near the intersection of 14th and Jefferson Streets, just West of Boise's Linen District.

However, volunteers say they're still on the lookout for more financial help to finish the project, including a chain link fence, landscape fabric, pea gravel, a small storage shed, and and irrigation system.

Anyone that wants to help may contact the City Light Home for Women and Children at 343-4680.

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