CALDWELL -- The students in the after school program at Lincoln Elementary School in Caldwell have been very busy lately.

They have been spending hours making blankets by hand to donate to a very special cause: animals in need.

Fifth grader Brieanne Dunlap and her friends are working hard on making soft, cozy blankets.

Today we're helping animals get blankets at the animal shelter because they don't have many, she said.

The students making blankets for animals are all part of the 21st Century Program, an after school program at Lincoln Elementary. They wanted to do a community service project and the kids decided helping the local animal shelter was a great idea.

Our kids really care about animals, and they wanted to do something to help, said Ashley Shofner, a teacher at the 21st Century Program.

You know how dogs are like, man's best friend? A lot of them aren't treated like that, so we thought we should help them get that kind of treatment, said Brieanne.

But the blankets aren't just for dogs. Some are for cats, too.

Getting all of the materials to make the blankets takes money and these kids earned it themselves.

We were nominated from Zions Bank to come and decorate their Christmas tree and they paid us 35 dollars, Janiece Rowan, 21st Century Program teacher. So we started with 35 dollars and we used that money to do a candy cane sale at Christmas time and we turned that money into $268.

Talk about innovative. The group used that money to buy the fabric to make the blankets.

We're also running a drive right now at school and we're collecting dog food and cat food, said Shofner. Anything they need at the shelter.

Animals are pretty much like humans, they have needs too, explained Brieanne.

It really brought home to the kids to be able to learn about the things they can do to help out in the community, said Rowan.

For Brieanne and the other kids in the program, it just feels good to do something for animals who need homes.

Well, they need something to cuddle up with, because it's kind of cold and lonely there, said Brieanne. When I get lonely I cuddle up with my blanket, so I think animals do that too.

That's why they are all Seven's Heroes.

The kids also had a soda pop sale on Valentine's Day to make even more money for the shelter. The group plans to drop off all of the donations at the Canyon County Animal Shelter very soon.

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