BOISE -- The National Traffic Safety Board is continuing to investigate the plane crash that killed Micron CEO Steve Appleton on Friday morning.

They arrived on scene of the crash at the Boise Airport Friday. Over the weekend, NTSB investigators combed over the wreckage looking for any clues into what may have happened.

They have since completed the first phase at the actual crash site and moved the wreckage of Appleton's experimental Lancair to a private hangar at the airport where they're continuing their work.

These photos show the NTSB sifting through the wreckage inside the hangar.

Officials are laying out the burnt wreckage pieces in hopes of finding clues as to what may have caused the crash.

Jeff Rich, a chief NTSB investigator for the Pacific Region, say it is a meticulous process following a plane crash.

We schematically try and reconstruct it, the reason we do that is to look at the systems and the components within their constituency of the structure, said Rich.

At other larger plane crashes you may have heard the term black box or flight data recorder. Those instruments record communication inside the cockpit, as well as the plane's altitude, airspeed, and other information.

Smaller aircrafts don't have this technology but there are some newer instruments on these smaller planes which do have memory.

We're told that there have been a few instruments taken from the wreckage that will be sent to a laboratory for processing.

It could take months before NTSB comes up with an actual cause of the crash.

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