BOISE-- With a bill aimed at getting rid of the Occupy Boise encampment making its way through the Idaho Legislature, new pictures of people identified as Occupy members may not do much to help their cause.

The pictures don't reveal any crimes, rather the Department of Administration says they are violations of the good neighbor policy, meaning it shows Occupy members taking things and using things they shouldn't.

Since Occupy Boise set up camp in early November, the Director of the Department of Administration, Teresa Luna, says they have dealt with vandalism, violence, trespassing and theft.

Earlier this month, police arrested self-identified occupier, Arthur Stark, claiming he spray-painted the words, I'm not a terrorist on a federal building in Boise.

Then there are pictures obtained today by KTVB that show what the department says is a member of the Occupy encampment taking toilet paper from the Statehouse. One security guard we spoke to said they are missing toilet paper from all the floors of the Statehouse.

Luna also says one of her employees found an occupier walking around the basement of the LBJ building wearing nothing but a towel.

And a security guard says employees have caught occupiers showering, despite signs saying they are for employees only.

It's hard to get anybody to take responsibility for the actions of the group, and what we get is we don't condone that type of behavior, but that is the type of behavior we are seeing since the encampment has started, said Luna.

Paul Johnson says he's been a part of the camp since it started in November and says he knows most, if not all, of the regulars. And he says the man in the security picture is not an active participant in the movement.

We're out here in the open here, we live in a glass house. Anyone can come by, anyone can go to the showers at LBJ and claim that they're with Occupy and that's why they need it, said Johnson.

Since this is a loosely organized group of people Johnson says that anyone can show up and participate in what they are doing. He says people that are violating the good neighbor policy are doing so on their own and not a part of the group.

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