TWIN FALLS -- A Twin Falls man is behind bars in Florida after he allegedly stole over $100,000 from the Walmart he worked for and then spent the next 24 hours traveling over 2-thousand miles away.

29-year-old Patrick Howard was found in Orange County, Florida early Monday morning. Twin Falls Police say he traveled that far in just a day. He reportedly stole the Walmart money Sunday morning and then bought an airplane ticket in Salt Lake City.

Howard is an assistant manager at the Twin Falls Walmart. Police issued a warrant for his arrest Sunday.

According to court documents, a Twin Falls police officer was called to the Walmart Sunday afternoon.

Howard's co-workers showed the officer surveillance video of Howard entering the Walmart cash office Sunday morning at 9:48 a.m. He had with him a black duffel bag. He was then seen counting deposit bags and placing over $91,000 into the black duffel.

Howard apparently then went to a safe and put an additional $17,000 in the bag. He was last seen walking out of the store s grocery entrance, getting into his Chevy Malibu and leaving.

The case is now in the hands of the Twin Falls County Attorney's office Prosecutor Grant Loebs said with Howard in Florida, they now wait for extradition back to Idaho.

We charged him yesterday with grand theft, Loebs said. He was just arrested overnight and so there is really little that we can do other than wait for him to return and he will be assigned an attorney and the case will proceed from there.

In the charging documents Police said Howard already had a criminal history. His record includes a DUI charge, felony aggravated assault and grand theft by deception.

If he is found guilty of stealing from the Twin Falls Wal-Mart he could stay in prison for up to 14 years.

Twin Falls police aren t saying whether any of the money was recovered and police didn t release how he was located in Florida.

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