BOISE -- A local television station announced it is suspending its news operation in Boise.

12 KTRV alerted other media organizations to the decision at 2 p.m. Monday.

In the news release, KTRV said their subsidiary of Block Communications is adjusting its business plan to better meet the demands of 2012 and beyond.

On September 1, 12 KTRV officially became an independent news operation after failing to meet an affiliation agreement with Fox.

In the spring of 2011, the Fox Television Network and Block Communications parted company, said Bill Lamb, vice president of BCI, in a written statement. Although we did offer to sign a new affiliation agreement with Fox for KTRV, they chose to move the affiliation to another station. A network affiliate requires a different business model than does an independent station. As a result a reduction in staff is taking place this week.

Lamb said KTRV remains committed to broadcasting in Boise and will aggressively compete for any network affiliations that may become available, We may even restore to the news at some point in the future. This is what we must do today to remain competitive for tomorrow.

BCI said it will work to offer jobs in its other broadcast markets to the affected news employees.

KTRV President and General Manager Rick Josephmade the following statement in the written release, We have some exceptional people here who put forth a terrific and honorable effort every day. But the new business model we find ourselves having to adopt does not include news.

Sources tell KTVB the news staff layoffs are effective today.

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