BOISE -- A 250-foot section of the Boise River is temporarily diverted while crews work to build a new diversion dam and a whitewater recreation park.

The construction is near the new 36th Street footbridge.

A section of the Boise River is completely dry while the work is being done. Boise Parks and Recreation officials say this is the first time ever that the river has been diverted.

In order to divert the flow of the Boise River crews breached the banks between the river and Quinns Pond in two locations. All the water is being forced around the area so crews can work on the river bottom.

Right now, the foundation of the new diversion dam is being laid.

This diversion dam will be unlike any other on the Boise River.

The dam will be able to move hydraulically up or down to create different wave patterns for kayakers to practice on.

This is something the Boise Parks and Recreation Department has been working on for years.

Superintendent Tom Governale says the addition of the whitewater park will boost the local economy.

This is exciting for this city. Other communities that have put in one of these whitewater recreation parks, it's been a real boom to the economy, said Governale.

The diversion dam and whitewater park area are being built at a total cost of $3.6 million.

The whitewater park is expected to be completed by next June.

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