SANDY, Utah -- A lawyer most prominently known for his television ads offering to fix legal troubles is now facing troubles of his own after a handgun was found in his luggage.

KSL.COM in Utah is reporting that attorney Craig Swapp was booked into the Salt Lake County jail Thursday morning after TSA agents at the Salt Lake International Airport found a handgun in his luggage.

Swapp was attempting to travel to Boise with a small handgun and a magazine with ammunition in his briefcase. KSL interviewed Swapp, who said the incident was an honest mistake.

I had ammunition, but the gun was not loaded, Swapp said.

Swapp holds a concealed carry permit and said he usually stores the gun in his safe when he travels. He said he was in a rush to get to the airport Thursday morning and forgot the gun was there.

From there it was a big deal, and I can see why, he said. If people have handguns, that is a real breach of security.

Swapp said he is not sure what will happen next.

It really depends on the prosecutor on what kind of charges they want to bring against me for it and all, he said. You know, it is what it is. It was a mistake and I'll take care of whatever I need to take care of.

Airport spokeswoman Barbara Gann confirmed Swapp was arrested for possession of the handgun.

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