BOISE -- Unless there's a last minute stay, convicted murderer Paul Rhoades will be executed by lethal injection on Friday morning.

Rhoades was convicted of killing three people in 1987, and sentenced to death for two of the murders.

His attorneys are still fighting for him and today they filed an appeal with the 9th Circuit Court asking for a stay of execution.

In the meantime, the Idaho Department of Correction is making its final preparations for the execution.

NewsChannel 7 sat down with IDOC Director Brent Reinke as the clock ticks down.

What are Paul Rhoades' days like now? What do they consist of? asked NewsChannel 7.

He has regular visitations with his mother on a daily basis now over the course of the last week or so. Everything else is pretty much he's watching some television. He reads some. He does a little bit of art work. As time is passing he's spending a lot of time with his spiritual advisor as well as his attorney, said Reinke.

Will the prison itself be under lockdown and for how many hours around the execution time? asked NewsChannel 7.

There is a specified time in the standard operating procedure when that lockdown will take place, and our desire is to have as little disruption in the life of our inmate population as we possibly can in this process, said Reinke.

How confident are you that the method of execution will work properly and not cause Paul Rhoades cruel and unusual punishment as his defense argues may happen? asked NewsChannel 7.

When you look at the states across the nation that carry this type of capital punishment out, lethal injection, it was widely accepted across the nation that if administered appropriately it's very effective, said Reinke.

It's been a long time since Idaho has had an execution, what's the mood among the inmate population? asked NewsChannel 7.

There's an anxiousness on death row. The inmates on death row would like to send a card to inmate Rhoades, so the warden has agreed to allow them to sign a card and send that to inmate Rhoades, but all in all it's operations as normal. They are very aware of what's happening. There's been a tremendous amount of preparation, and they watch, they watch news outlets as well, said Reinke.

What is your ultimate goal as you prepare to carry out this somber duty? asked NewsChannel 7.

Actually it was laid out for us by Governor Otter about 18 months ago when we met with the governor he said what I would ask of you is that you do this with as much dignity and respect, and as professional as possible, and that's our goal, that this will be a flawless event, said Reinke.

Rhoades' execution is scheduled to happen shortly after 8 a.m. Friday at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution in south Boise.

NewsChannel 7 will have complete live team coverage from the prison.

Join us for Today's Morning News from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. Friday, then we will continue with an extended edition of the show on Idaho's Very Own 24/7.

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