BOISE -- The flooding in one southeast Boise neighborhood has stopped, but the source of the water that plagued five homes all summer long still remains a mystery.

Residents on South Minuteman Way dealt with flooded basements, crawlspaces and backyards for close to four months. They suspected the New York Canal, which is directly behind their homes.

Around the time the water in the canal was stopped for the irrigation season, the water on their property also stopped flowing, strengthening their claim it was the canal.

But the Bureau of Reclamation said Tuesday they have found no link between the flooded homes and the New York Canal.

I think the bottom line is that we didn't find anything that would explain the flooding that the homes on Minuteman Way experienced this summer, said Vicki Hoffman with the Bureau of Reclamation.

Hoffman is the Operation and Maintenance Manager with the Bureau of Reclamation. She provided KTVB video of the inspection that was performed on the canal last week. Hoffman says a team of engineers and geologists spent hours combing over a 2,100-foot section located behind the affected homes. She says they were not able to find any cracks, distress points, or slumps that would indicate any problems with the canal.

We ve assured them we'll do everything within our authority to continue to investigate this situation, said Hoffman.

The Bureau of Reclamation is continuing to gather data from wells that were recently drilled near the homes that measure ground water. They're also looking at historical data, all in hopes of trying to find the source.

Meanwhile, residents who dealt with the flooding say they re concerned the flooding could return next spring.

Now the water's gone but I think we're all really afraid of what's going to happen next April and May when they fill the canal back up, said Sally Kurdy.

Some of the residents affected by the flooding have drilled their own wells and hired an attorney.

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