KETCHUM, Idaho Students and staff returned to Hemingway Elementary School in Ketchum Monday to find their school had been vandalized.

But this was no ordinary vandal. Turns out a deer had managed to break through the glass door on the south side of the school, according to Principal Don Haisley.

Haisley says when the school s custodian arrived around 5:30 a.m., he discovered the deer was still inside the building. By then it had also managed to butt a hole in a wall.

The custodian opened the door and the deer immediately ran away. The animal did not appear to be hurt despite its desperate attempt to get free. There was no blood found inside the school.

The custodian said the deer appeared to be a doe because it did not have a rack.

Two doors were damaged by the deer and have been boarded up. Haisley says the glass will be replaced. The hole in the wall will be covered with new drywall. There was no immediate estimate of cost of the damages.

He says the kids are making jokes about the incident, saying they are amazed about having a deer in school. There has been a moose and an elk on school grounds before, but never inside the school.

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