BOISE -- The 10th anniversary of 9/11 is a good reminder that we need to remember the sacrifices that are still being made while we fight the war on terror.

Hundreds of Idaho families are missing someone they love right now, because they are overseas serving our country.

This week's Seven's Heroes are three army wives, who say being a part of a military family is an honor, a privilege, and a challenge.

Shirley Burger, Christy Watkins, and Mariah Hudson are moms and wives, but they have something else in common. Their husbands are deployed, and they are on their own with their kids.

It's been nice to meet these gals, because they are going through the same thing, said Shirley Burger.

It gets tough, it's emotional but you just have to keep plugging along, look toward the future, said Christy Watkins.

Their husbands are reservists who are serving in Iraq with the 391st combat engineers based out of Gowen Field. They left in December.

My husband is Erik Burger, he's been in the military for 15 years now, said Shirley. He's very good at what he does, very good soldier, I'm very proud of him, very proud.

My husband is John Hudson, said Mariah. He actually got an extension to go over to Iraq this time. He did it so he can support his country.

My husband is Thomas Watkins, and he's a sergeant, said Christy. He's very proud of what he does and he loves America.

These three husbands and fathers have a dangerous job, they clear roadside bombs In Iraq.

He goes out on missions every night. They are well protected, they know what they are doing, said Shirley.

But the wives admit, sometimes they get worried.

It's scary, because you don't know and sometimes you have to go a couple of days without hearing from them. You never know if they are okay, Christy explained.

All three men came home on a short leave this summer. For Mariah Hudson, that time was precious. Her husband got home just in time for the birth of his third daughter.

He got home five days before she was born, said Mariah. It was very very special to have him.

The visit was too short for six year old daughter Abby, she can't wait for Daddy to come home for good.

I will run to him, give him a hug, give him a kiss, and say I love you Daddy, said Abby. You are the best guy in the world.

The 9/11 anniversary is something close to all of their hearts. Shirley Burger actually joined the military after 9/11. She spent four years in the Air Force.

9/11 is just a significant part of my life and my family's life, explained Shirley.

For Christy Watkins' husband, 9/11 also had a lot to do with why he signed up.

I feel like as a military wife, you enlist as well as your husband, said Christy. It just makes me proud that we can help protect our country, and that he's over there fighting so we can live lives we live every day.

Both my husband and I were seniors in high school when 9/11 happened, and he joined about a year after, said Mariah. When he signs you sign, and to be a part of that is special whether they are fighting here, if they are a cop, a firefighter.

These brave men, and their wives are Seven's Heroes.

These women's husbands will be returning home in November, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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