BOISE -- Nothing says summer like an ice cream truck. Kids flock to them when they drive into the neighborhood.

But, the ice cream truck we're about to tell you about is something extra special. It even has a name, Old Betty . She brings joy to everyone she meets.

Alright are we ready? Are we ready to make somebody's day? said Natalie Elliott, as she sets out in Old Betty on a hot summer day with her kids. We named her Old Betty because when we got her she wasn't too attractive. We fixed her all up!

For three years now, the Elliotts have owned this non-profit ice cream truck.

I've got an ice cream truck and three kids who need to learn to work, and definitely need to learn to give back, explained Natalie.

The family takes old Betty into neighborhoods where times are tough.

Every time my heart just melts for people, I see a lot of people in a lot of really tough situation, said Natalie.

They can hear her coming and the kids come running!

Yeah. They jump and scream and dance, said Hailey Elliott, Natalie's daughter.

The best part is, the ice cream is absolutely free. The kids can hardly believe it. All Natalie asks for is a smile.

I think it's incredible, said Sally Hanson, who is a mom. There are hard times going around and stuff and so to see somebody giving back to the community is pretty awesome.

But the Elliott's give away more than ice cream!

So many people donate to me, businesses, churches, organizations, said Natalie.

We got some clothing for the kids, some school supplies, which is really going to help out this year, explained Sally Hanson. That just blew me away. I was like, free ice cream is one thing but to get anything else on top of that was just awesome.

This year I'm proud to say we've donated over $2,000 for school supplies and scholarships, said Natalie.

This old ice cream truck has turned into a family's way of giving back.

There is so much good in life, and the best thing in life is to make someone happy, and be happy with yourself and what you have, said Natalie.

It's turned out to be something great! agreed Olivia Elliot, Natalie's daughter.

So how long will Old Betty keep on trucking?

Natalie responded, Probably til the day I die.

Old Betty's good deeds are made possible by donations from the community, and by paying customers. Without help from the community, the Elliot's couldn't run the truck!

For more information on Old Betty and how you can donate to this great cause, click here.

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