CASCADE, Idaho -- There was a moving tribute in the skies over Cascade for Idaho's best-loved aerobatic pilot: Greg Poe.

Organizers of the Cascade Air Show dedicated Saturday's event in honor of Greg Poe.

Poe passed away from a heart attack on July 24.

He was scheduled to be the featured performer for the show. Instead, it turned into a memorial for his life and passion for flight.

He touched so many lives it's hard to summarize because it was such a tremendous gift to his home state of Idaho, the nation, aviation, said Greg Gibson, the team coordinator for Poe's team. You know, there's just thousands upon thousands of people that he touched.

Poe was known for his incredible airshow routines in his trademark ethanol-powered redaerobatic plane, often seen in the skies around Canyon County. He was also known for his powerful Elevate Your Life program that he started up after losing his son to heroin addiction in 2002.

Organizers of the Cascade Air Show said Poe's passing is a great loss to the aviation community, particularly here in his home state. Our show will go on, but he will be greatly missed. He will not be forgotten.

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