BOISE -- Unique cloud formations could be seen in the skies above Boise Thursday morning.

KTVB Meteorologist Larry Gebert explained that the mushroom-looking cloud was formed by the condensation and movement of the air. When moisture collects in the air, it has to condense on something, whether that be salt, dust, or debris. Once it condenses, and you get enough upward movement of the air, it will allow clouds to form and stack quickly. That is what happened in the case of the mushroom cloud.

The other wispier, billowylooking clouds are the beginning stages of a mammatus cloud, which is the type that has the heaviest concentration of moisture. This can lead to brief, heavy rain showers that can cause flash flooding, according to Larry Gebert.

If you happened to take photos of the cool cloud formationsThursday morning, we would love to see them! Upload them to KTVB.COM's First Person section.

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