TWIN FALLS -- New details emerged about the July 15 chase, shooting, and kidnaping that left Utah's Tracy Ivie dead. That's after a grand jury indicted Clark Cleveland on 12 charges, including first-degree murder. The court entered a plea of not-guilty on his behalf.

Early in the morning on the 15th, prosecutors say Nevada's Clark Jackson Cleveland fled a traffic stop at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. After crashing his truck, police say Cleveland ran into a Twin Falls hotel, shooting at pursuing officers.

They say Cleveland shot at State Trooper Nick Walker three times, hitting him once in the leg. At last check, Walker was still recovering.

Cleveland faces a charge of aggravated battery on a police officer, and seven more charges of aggravated assault on a police officer. That isbecause the indictment claims he fired seven more shots at officers; two at Idaho State Police Trooper Chris Clausing, two at Twin Falls Deputy Eric Steele, and once each at Deputies Ted McIntyre, Morgan Case, and Twin Falls Police Officer Aaron Nay.

The indictment also claims Cleveland pointed his gun at, and threatened to kill Jeff Bulkley, an innocent bystander. That resulted in a charge of aggravated assault.

Once inside the hotel, the indictment claims that Cleveland tried to take Tracy Ivie hostage, but then shot and killed him, resulting in the first-degree murder charge.

Cleveland is also charged with second degree kidnapping for taking Sharon Knudsen hostage, before being arrested.

His 12th and final charge is for eluding a peace officer. That is the only charge that prosecutors will not be seeking an enhanced penalty, because of the use of a gun.

One of the aggravating circumstances tied to Cleveland's murder charge states that Cleveland exhibited a propensity to commit murder, which will probably constitute a continuing threat to society.

Twin Falls prosecutor Grant Loebs says he has 60 days to decide if he will pursue the death penalty.

Loebs also says he just talked to the Ivie family on Thursday. He says they are still devastated, but seem pleased with how the process is going so far.

Cleveland's next scheduled court date is January 17, for the start of his trial.

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