McCALL, Idaho --Authorities in McCall are investigating a drowningthis holiday weekend.

Authoritiessay 49-year-oldMary Jo Roberts'body was recovered from the Payette Riverat 11:30 a.m. Saturday.She is the wife of Idaho House Majority Caucus Chair Ken Roberts, R-Donnelly.

Roberts' body was found about six miles downstream from McCall in a logjam.

Water search and rescue hadbeen looking for Robertsalong the Payette River in that area since Friday afternoon, after a neighbor reported a vehicle near a bridge in McCall.

Family: Itappears Roberts was swept away

A family friend and spokesperson, Brett Morris, said Mary Jo Roberts often went for morning walks before work.On Friday, he said Roberts apparently took a new route by the Payette River.When she didn't show up to an appointment, a search began and her car was spotted.

Her stuff was on the beach and that kind of started the process of kind of looking for her, Morris said. Because of where everything was, they began a water search and rescue.

Family members said Roberts liked to collect things and speculate she could have been wading in the water, perhaps looking for driftwood when an accident happened.

There hasn't been any signs of foul play, so that's what we think has happened, Morris said. Got out, maybe a misstep, sometimes it's really simple to have happen, and got swept away. The water is not only high, it's fast, it's cold, so it can really get you quickly.

'A bright and bubbly personality'

Morrissaid Representative Roberts and the rest of the family have been comforted by the nearby community and people from around the state.

Mary Jo was just such a bright and bubbly personality and made a place just come alive and we miss that, Morris said.

With this tragedy on the river, the family also hopes it's a reminder that some of Idaho's rivers are especially high and rough right now.

We're all saddened with the loss of a bright light like Mary Jo, but we want to encourage everybody to really be careful out there during the holidays, given the water, Morris said. It's dangerous and we'd hate to see them lose somebody too.

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