SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Is this Sarah Palin's new Scottsdale, Arizona home? Only a few people know for sure, but mounting evidence and scores of media reports continue to suggest that this 7,900 square foot North Scottsdale home will be the Palin family's home base whenever they're in the lower 48.

Yesterday, the Arizona Republic reported that the home was sold to Safari Investments, LLC on May 13 for $1.695 million cash. Safari Investments is a Delaware-based limited liability company that was formed on May 12, just a day before the sale.

When a Republic reporter asked the attorney whose name is on the property records if the home was purchased for the Palin's, he said he had no comment. So it appears we'll have to wait for the moving trucks packed full of snow-machines and big game trophies to arrive before we can move a step closer to confirming the location of Palin's Arizona homestead.

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