BOISE -- A high speed pursuit reached speeds of over 100 miles per hour Saturday afternoon.

That pursuit began in Elmore County and ended in Ada County. It involved ISP troopers, Boise Police officersand Elmore County deputies.

The Elmore CountySheriff's Office says the chase began when two men filled up their car with gas in Hammettand drove away without paying.The gas station called police and gave a description of a silver car.

One of our deputies saw a car matching that description, and he turned around, Elmore County Deputy Kevin Henslee said. By the time he turned around, the vehicle had gone off the road, ran through a stop sign and exceeded to about 85 miles an hour on a two-lane road.

Eventually, the driver got onto I-84 at Mountain Home and began speeding down the interstate, weaving in and out of traffic. Elmore County deputies say they chased the car all the way to Meridian with speeds of up to 110 miles per hour.

There was weaving, he passed people on the shoulder, there was reckless driving, Henslee said.

Near Cloverdale, an ISP trooper put down a spike strip on I-84 in an attempt to stop the suspect car. The car continued and side-swiped a four-door truck with a family inside. The family, including children, was uninjured.

After the collision at Cloverdale, the suspect car exited the interstate at the Eagle Road exit and finally came to a stopon Eagle Road across from St. Luke's Meridian Medical Center.

They basically stopped here after the airbags deployed and the spike strips, and they hit another vehicle, Henslee said. So the car wasn't running real good when they came around the corner, so this was about as far as they could go,

The driver and one other person are in custody.Elmore County says they willbe charged with felony eluding for the chase and petit theft for stealing gas.

Deputies say they found alcohol inside the suspect's car and drugs and/or alcohol could be a factor.

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