MURPHY, Idaho -- One of the men accused of stealing a safe with tens of thousands of dollars inside was denied a bond reductionFriday morning.

The bond for Kelly Verceles is set at $150,000.

His lawyer William Wellman says bond for burglary cases are usually set at $10,000.

His client's bond is 15 times that amount and Wellman believes it is all because authorities say the safe belongs to a former mobster.

Verceles and two other men are accused of stealing a safe filled with gold coins, cash and jewelry. The safe was buried in the basement of Enrico Ponzo's home.

In February, federal authorities arrested Ponzo, accusing him of numerous crimes in Massachusetts and saying he is a former mobster who has been hiding out in Idaho for 10 years.

Weeks after authorities arrested Ponzo they returned to his home, found the basement floor dug up and discovered the safe was missing.

Wellman says Ponzo's connection to his client's case is the reason the bond is so high. He says Verceles is not accused of committing a violent crime and poses no flight risk and has been cooperative with authorities.

And when the FBI came and visited with Mr. Verceles they found that there was in fact another safe in Mr. Ponzo's house in Marsing, said Wellman. Mr. Verceles was very cooperative and took them upstairs and opened up his gun safe where he had placed in to his gun safe a large number of coins, and a large amount of cash and so at this point he has been cooperative.

Wellman says Verceles has no criminal history and should have been granted a lower bond. But the judge denied his request Friday.

Verceles bond has already been reduced by another judge. The first bond was set at $250,000.

He is set to go to trial on August 8.

The other two men who are charged with stealing the safe, Robert and Nicholas Corson, are set to be arraigned on June 10.

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