BOISE -- A friend of accused mobster Enrico Ponzo was in court again Friday.

Kelly Verceles is charged with digging up a safe and stealing the contents from Ponzo's home in Marsing.

Ponzo is in Massachusetts awaiting trial where he is accused of trying to kill a mob boss in 1989.

Verceles says he's not guilty of stealing from his friend, but claims he was just doing what was right.

Enrico Ponzo is and always will be my best friend, said Verceles. My testimony at my trial will show and prove that my actions did not betray my friend, or conspire to betray him in any way.

That is the beginning of an explanation as to why the FBI found gold and cash in Verceles' safe.

It had nothing to do with profiting at all, said Verceles.

However, he wouldn't go into detail about what he was doing.

Believe me, I wish I could, I wish I could shed light on the whole story, because I know that it will benefit me, said Verceles.

Verceles said found out about the safe in Ponzo's basement from a friend who helped build the home.

After police arrested Ponzo, Verceles said he moved in to the house to watch over the place for his friend.

When questioned by NewsChannel 7, Verceles stopped short of saying he dug up the safe.

My actions were actually to protect myself, to get it out of where I was staying, so I could sleep at night, not knowing who else knew about it or anything like that, said Verceles.

We pressed him further about his fears.

Let's just say that you guys know the story I guess on Enrico, and the fears that he might of had in living in there at that house, probably went through the same type of fears that I might of had, said Verceles.

Verceles says he looks forward to his trial and a chance to tell his side of the story.

I look forward to the day in court to clear my name, said Verceles.

Verceles says he's trying to get enough money to post his $150,000 bail, but if he can't he'll stay in jail until his next court appearance, which is scheduled for August.

The other two men who are accused of stealing the safe from Ponzo's basement, Robert and Nicholas Corson, are scheduled to be arraigned next month.

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