ELKO COUNTY, Nev. -- After seven weeks stranded in the remote wilderness of Nevada, a Canadian woman was found alive, but her husband is still missing.

Two hunters on ATVs found a van stuck on a very remote road in the Humboldt National Forest in northern Nevada. They found a woman inside, Rita Chretien, who had been missing since March 19. That's when she and her husband, Albert, were last seen ata Baker City gas station on their way from Canada to Las Vegas. Apparently, they took a wrong turn off Highway 51 and got lost.

We have such a remote area that it's a major discovery when we find somebody who's missing that's still alive, Carpenter said.

Everyone KTVB talked to said it's just incredible that Rita Chretien was able to survive for 48 days with just a bag of trail mix and creek water.

The people that called it in actually rode from the van back about 9 miles to find cell service, said Carpenter. We contacted the Summit Air Ambulance, the helicopter. That's how we removed the lady from the van and got her to the hospital. She was very thankful for being found. But she's concerned for her husband's safety, and wants to know where he is, as do the rest of us.

Now, the search turns to Rita's husband, Albert. Just three days after getting stuck, Albert set off on foot to try to reach Highway 225 and get help. He hasn't been heard from since.

Our office is coordinating a search effort with the Owyhee County Sheriff's office to go back to the area where the van was found, and fan out from the van, and start searching the area to see if they can't locate Albert, said Carpenter.

But the search will be difficult with cold, wet and snowy conditions. In fact, it snowed there just two weeks ago.

It's been below freezing almost every night, said Jan Petersen, a reporter with KENV in Elko, Nevada. They're at a higher elevation there, so it would've been even colder.

That means the hike would've been very tough for Albert.

There are a few ranches out there, but you'd have to know which direction to go to, said Petersen. You'd have to have shelter. You'd have to have proper outerwear.

All things that Albert likely didn't have.

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