BOISE - Is it an early April Fool's Day stunt -- or something else?

Someone set up a website that looked just like that of Boise TV station KBOI. The URL is strikingly similar -- but users will find one story not on the radar screen of local news outlets: word the sale of music by pop artist Justin Bieber has been outlawed in Idaho.

The false story was attributed to the Associated Press - and had a number of typographical and other errors, but otherwise looked like a legitimate news item.

The story said Idaho Gov. Butch Otter had signed laws which outlaw the sale of Justin Bieber's music and makes listening to his music within state limits against the law.

Whoever was behind the prank appears to know a thing or two about web design - pulling in the programming language that drives KBOI's site.

KBOI responded with a story on its actual website letting people know about the fake information.

We do not know the origin of this website and do not know whether it contains any malicious software that could harm your computer, the story said.

Registration records for the fake site say it was registered to Completely Anonymous. It is not known who is behind the fake site.

After this story was initially posted, the person or group behind the bogus website redirected visitors to our news item on the hoax. KBOI stressed in its stories that the security of its official site had not been compromised in any way.

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