TWIN FALLS -- Twin Falls High School was put into lockdown Tuesday morning after hundreds of students from another high school walked out of class.

Twin Falls Superintendent Wiley Dobbs said when students from Canyon Ridge High School showed up in protest on the Twin Falls High School campus, that is when the doors were locked as a precaution.

The principal of Twin Falls High School locked it down, said Twin Falls Superintendent Wiley Dobbs. He wanted to make sure the education process wasn't disrupted, that there were no safety issues with that many students coming on to his campus.

About 300 students in Twin Falls are joining the walk-out movement led by hundreds of other Idaho students yesterday.

Dobbs said police are paying close attention as students march to prove their point.

Our main concern is the education and safety of our students while they are on campus, said Dobbs. But when we realized we had about 300 students leaving campus, we teamed up with the Twin Falls police department to make sure the kids are safe, as safe as possible.

The students participating in the walk-out say they are protesting the education reform plan that is being taken up by the House Education Committee today at the Capitol.

On Monday, hundreds of kids from Boise to Pocatello also walked out of their classrooms in protest of the bills.

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