BOISE -- Kids at at Valley View Elementary School put on their walking shoes, and hit the pavement for a cause.

The Buddy Walk is to show inclusion and acceptance for kids with Down Syndrome, said Celena Auger, whose daughter has down syndrome.

Two moms decided to bring the walk to the school in support of their daughters.

One of them is Bailey, who is the 4th grade.

When we moved here from Texas two and half years ago, the school embraced Bailey beautifully, and I think a lot of it had to do with the fact there was another child here with down syndrome, said Celena.

A sixth grader named Madison also has down syndrome.

She has been in this school since first grade, Kindergarten actually, said Madison's mom, Tonya Maestrietti. So a lot of these kids have been with her for the whole six or seven years.

These moms also went into the classrooms and talked to the kids about Down Syndrome.

Let them know it's not a cold, you can't catch it. And it doesn't need to be cured. We need to accept everyone's gifts and just accept what they are, said Tonya.

And Celena said the kids got that message right away, Both classes were really receptive, they asked lots of questions.

These kids with down syndrome can be your teammate, your classmate, your co-worker and they can be your buddy. Tonya said during the 'Buddy Walk.'

These students are learning to be accepting and understanding at a young age.

Bailey, Madison, their moms, and their classmates are this week's Seven's Heroes!

If you have an idea for a Seven's Hero -- someone who is making a difference in our community - email Maggie O'Mara and let her know about it.

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