CALDWELL, Idaho-- A Caldwell man accusedof shooting and killing his wife was back in court today, this time in Canyon County.

We are also learning more about the relationship between the couple.

Chris Stone's arraignment today did not reveal any more detail than what we learned yesterday in documents we obtained from the Canyon County prosecutor.

Judge Frank Kotyk read the charges against Stone - second degree murder with a weapon.

The judge kept bond set at $1 million.

Stone's parents and friends and the family of his wife, Florence Stone, all sat on the same bench in court Tuesday.

They declined to comment on what happened.

Back in their Caldwell neighborhood, neighbors react to what happened Sunday night.

Flowers now lie on the Stone s driveway.

Toni, who lives next door, agreed to go on the record, but did not want to be on camera.

We definitely want Chris back. We feel safe with him here. We're not afraid of future, because that's not him. This was a one-time incident that anybody could have got pushed to that point, said Toni.

Toni says Chris was a friendly, calm and patient family man.

She says that he almost acted as the neighborhood's protector.

Always packed his pistol and we all knew it, and we all appreciated it, said Toni.

We also talked with a former co-worker of Florence Stone.

She said that their marriage was rough. And that she had returned to the home to gather some of her belongings because of the divorce.

The judge appointed Chris Stone a public defender. He will be back in court in two weeks for a preliminary hearing.

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