The question seemed harmless enough: Should Puerto Rico become a state?

Raul Labrador and Vaughn Ward, the Republican primary candidates in Idaho's 1st congressional district, were asked that question at a forum this week in Post Falls.

Here is howWard answered the question: Theproblem with extending statehood to some, to any other country, is that thentheinfrastructure requirements...cost an enormous amount of money. He went on: Let's focus onwhat's important here. It's about putting Americans back to work. It's about putting this country right again. And I don't see that andI don't care what state it is or what country it is that wants to become a part of America; it's not time, it's not going to be time. Let's focus on us first.

Labrador, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico,responded: I just need to correct, Puerto Rico is not a country, Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. It's about time that we took some civics lesson and we learn what Puerto Rico is.

Ward: I really don't care what it is. I mean, it doesn't matter. I don't care...

Labrador: Obviously you don't.

Challenged again by Labrador onThursdayafternoon, Ward said that he simply misspoke andthat he knows Puerto Rico is a territory.

You can watch the entire exchange between the candidateshere.

Idaho's primaryis next Tuesday.

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