BOISE -- Flames from a burning house in Boise came dangerously close to spreading to nearby homes Monday night.

The home, located in the Sunrise Rim neighborhood near Vista Avenue and Interstate 84, was heavily damaged.

The fire started around 7:00 p.m. Neighbor Eric Quarles said he heard a loud noise before spotting the fire.

It was pretty scary, he said. I heard a loud pop or bang if you will, when i looked out, there were flames just engulfing the house.

Quarles says another neighbor ran into the home to make sure no one was inside, and rescued the residents' pets. Firefighters arrived minutes later.

Boise Fire Battalion Chief Tom Pawek says firefighters immediately called for a second alarm after spotting a large plume of smoke rising over the neighborhood.

When the first crews got to the house, they saw flames coming from the left side of the house and heavy smoke pouring from the back of the house and a deck area.

Pawek says high winds gusting to 15 to 20 mph started to push the fire toward other houses. Firefighters battled to extinguish the fire while also providing structure protection to the homes on either side.

The guys did a good job getting lines in placeand stop it from spreading to other structures, Pawek said.

The residents were not home when the fire started, but returned to find their house burning and firefighters inside.

There is no word on want started the fire. Six engines, two trucks, two battalion chiefs and a safety officer responded to the fire.

At one point, the fire did spread down to a canal bank behind the home and to a fence on the side of the house, but firefighters were able to get the flames under control.

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