ADA COUNTY -- A series of gunshots were fired into the area of Firebird Raceway Saturday hitting several cars. No one was hurt, but this incident could accelerate plans to change where shooting is allowed on Bureau of Land Management land.

Two men were shooting in a legal area near the raceway but police say they were shooting irresponsibly.

Not only is safety being called to attention, but also a renewed hope by some in the area to change where people can do recreational shooting.

On Saturday night Carla Munoz and her family decided to take in the drag races at Firebird Raceway. This was my first time out there actually, said Munoz.

But soon the wind picked up and stalled the event so the family decided to leave. As they were making their way to the parking lot, they were told to get to safety.

There were shots being fired in the parking lot, and we were being evacuated to a different area, said Munoz. It was frightening because we hear of all these shootings in the news, and we didn't know what the situation was.

That situation turned out to be two men doing target practice nearby on BLM land, but their aim was a bit off.

The 41-year-old and the 32-year-old ended up shooting 50 some rounds coming from the west into the direction of the raceway. People in the parking lot began to take cover.

Deputies say the men didn't know they were shooting toward folks at the raceway. No one was hurt, but several vehicles were damaged by bullets.

Shooting is legal on most public lands especially in Idaho, but we ask people to be very careful if you are out shooting. Make sure you know which direction you're shooting, said Jessica Gardetto, BLM spokesperson. There are a lot of areas where we have public lands mixed close with houses and so if we do have incidents where there are problems with shooting the BLM will look at those areas and determine whether shooting can still be done safety in those areas.

Munoz hopes that is exactly what officials will do.

We were lucky that it wasn't as horrible as it could have been, said Munoz.

There has been discussion to alter the area where people can legally shoot.

Ada County Sgt. Pat Schneider says he has actually been working for some time to make this area safer for homeowners and recreators alike.

It's not a really common mistake, said Schneider. We don't run into it that much. We have had a few issues out here, but we are working with BLM to make sure this area stays safe and make any changes we need to. It was a poor judgment call, and they were really apologetic.

A big rule for firearm safety is to be sure of your backstop surrounding and beyond. Schneider says these two men didn't realize they were shooting toward people in a parking lot.

Deputies did the cite the two men with reckless discharge of a firearm and say it was really lucky that no one got hurt. They say there were times when people were in those cars that were hit.

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