BOISE -- Right now, there are 32,000 American troops serving in Afghanistan.

Tuesday, President Obama announced plans to withdraw, cutting that number to 9,800 by the end of this year.

In addition, all troops except for embassy security would be out by 2016.

One of the last brigades to leave Afghanistan will be from the Oregon National Guard.

Three battalions are now preparing to be deployed this summer, and this week, nearly 900 soldiers from across Oregon are training in Idaho.

Some are civilians, preparing for their first trip overseas; others have been deployed several times, but they're all getting ready to be some of the last soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

Tuesday at Gowen Field, soldiers with the 41st Infantry Brigade Combat team practiced combat life saving skills and mortar platoon security.

One of those soldiers is civilian Sgt. Ron Palma.

I've got over 22 years in the military, I haven't deployed yet so it was bitter sweet I suppose, said Palma.

Some, like Palma say Tuesday's announcement doesn't change his thoughts on deployment.

He says he's ready to go complete a mission and bring his soldiers home, and he's proud to be chosen as one of the final teams.

I think it's fantastic I think it's quite beneficial that we've been picked as an elite group to take care of a situation, that they can trust us and perform that mission well, said Palma.

Major Don Troxell says these soldiers aren't affected by the politics, they're just preparing to serve as security and oversee training as the troops withdraw.

The general feeling is they are happy they are still going, a lot of these soldiers have been training to perform this mission for quite some time, said Troxell.

Troxell says the reason Oregon's soldiers are being sent now has to do with the deployment cycle, but he says they also have a track record of success, since the men and women from the same troops were also some of the last soldiers in Iraq.

Senior officials are familiar with performance of the 41st brigade and they know we know how to get things done, said Troxell.

The battalions will train in Idaho for the next few weeks.

Usually, the training would be done at the base before they're deployed, but they are using the resources connected to Gowen Field so that they can spend time at Ft. Hood and Ft. Bliss concentrating on other tasks, before deploying this summer.

There's no word yet on exactly when they will return back home.

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