BOISE There have been a lot of changes to downtown Boise in recent weeks to encourage cyclists to hit the streets.

Those with the Ada County Highway District are testing out new bike lanes on Capitol, Main and Idaho streets. ACHD experts want to find out effective ways to make cyclists feel safer on roadways, encouraging them to use bikes.

However cyclists might be encouraged to hit the road is by using technology because it seems these days; many of us are using smart phones.

Director of Boise Bike Share Dave Fotsch believes the warm temperatures and sunny skies naturally get people attracted to traveling by two wheels.

The help of cycling apps could keep those on bikes safe by finding the path of least resistance as well as tracking your fitness. Apps like Runtastic, Map my Ride and Wahoo Fitness can help runners and cyclists measure speed and distance as well as help you find specific routes and trails.

Also in Boise, cycling enthusiasts say anything that helps get cyclists more comfortable to get on two wheels and get going is a win for everyone.

More people will get out and bike if they feel safer on the streets first of all, said Fotsch. And as far as tracking, it certainly can t hurt to have this technology so that you can say, hey look I rode twenty miles this week when I could have just been sitting at home.

Boise Bike Share is also using a special technology program is using special technology to track how cyclists are using the new temporary downtown Boise bike lanes.

Fotsch said they will take all that data and give it to the Ada County Highway District to help them make decisions about future bike routes.

Most of those apps are free.

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