BOISE -- Dr. Greg Hampikian, a Boise State University professor that specializes in DNA and founded the Idaho Innocence Project, is traveling the world to help solve cases.

One of his most well known cases is Amanda Knox.

Now he plans to lend his services in Europe again as he will travel to Greece to help with a case.

Hampikian will be an expert DNA witness in a case in Greece involving a man from Ireland. Hampikian will testify for the Irish Innocence Project he helped start three years ago.

The case surrounds a bank robbery, and his testimony will focus on DNA evidence.

Hampikian sits in a unique position, being the director of the project, as well as the scientist, that gives him the opportunity to help with cases all over the world.

Couple that with his DNA specialty, and he is getting opportunities to make a difference and get to the truth.

It's really exciting because the science is available we're not inventing a lot of it - we have some patents, we've invented some of it, but mostly it's just taking scientific tools that are obvious to us and lab and applying them in cases that haven't been solved, he said.

While in Europe Hampikian plans to help start the Greece Innocence Project as well.

If that isn't enough, he also recently helped the French Police solve a 10-year-old cold case in using a technique that ended up being published in the Journal of Forensic Science.

He also helped Taiwan's Innocence Project solve its first case.

And, he's doing all of this despite his main funding source no longer funding his project.

Hampikian is still working, volunteering a lot of his time because he believes in this process so much.

Plus, he's still working to find new funding sources for the future.

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