BOISE -- Dozens of people came to the Boise Towne Square Mall Saturday, but not to shop. They were there for the Drug Free Idaho hosted prescription drug take back and document shred it day.

Rob Stevenson is the Executive Director of Drug Free Idaho.

We encourage you to bring back your unused or expired medications for safe disposal as well as any personal documents, it's a good spring cleaning time for tax returns, stuff like that with personal information, said Stevenson.

Stevenson said getting rid of old prescriptions is about much more than spring cleaning, it's about stopping prescription drug abuse. The National Institute of Drug Abuse says 3,000 young adults died of prescription drug overdose in 2010.

All prescriptions are being abused, he said. If you had to pick, oycodone, the opiates, pain medications, those are widely abused, especially by youth, benzodiazapenes, which would include the xanax's, those are also being widely abused by teens.

Young adults age 18 to 25 are the biggest group to abuse prescriptions according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

The biggest step people can take is locking up their meds, Stevenson said. No longer can you just put it in an easily accessible place for kids to get to because the kids are finding them. So you need to lock up your meds and the dispose of them safety after you're not using them anymore.

Ambrosia McArthur decided to be proactive and get rid of her old prescriptions.

Most of the ways that children are abusing drugs is from getting them from family and friends just when the family and friends aren't paying attention, said McArthur.

Her children are under the age of five, but she already sees the importance of drug take backs.

The children don't understand the impact of that later in life, they just don't have that long-term critical thinking in order to realize that's a bad idea, she said. So it's just about keeping them safe and disposing of them properly.

If you missed the event on Saturday, you drop off your old prescriptions at many local law enforcement offices.

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