TACOMA, Wash. -- Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington wants the public's help locating its Eurasian eagle owl, Forrest, who flew into Point Defiance Park during a training session Wednesday.

Anyone who spots the owl should call the zoo at (253) 591-5337 or email

Forrest is trained to fly during Wild Wonders shows at the zoo's outdoor theater, but didn't return during a rehearsal. Staff members believe recent changes to the stage may have startled the owl.

Staff biologists saw Forrest several times on Wednesday, but lost sight of him late in the day.

Forrest likely is sitting high up in a tree and may be surrounded by a mob of crows unhappy about the owl's presence in their territory staff biologist Sara Mattison said.

Forrest is nearly 9 years old, has a five-foot wingspan, and stands about 2 feet tall. The owl has bright, orange-colored eyes and is comfortable around people. He may even hoot if he sees someone.

The eagle owl has on red jesses, which look like red cords attached to his legs, and telemetry, which sends a radio signal to help track him.

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