BOISE -- The case against a Meridian man responsible for a bizarre string of attacks last summer has hit a road bump as attorneys butt heads over his mental health evaluation.

Sean Carnell was arrested in August after a rampage that left two people seriously injured and three more hurt. Police say he attacked a teenage boy, stole his skateboard and used it to beat Nampa Fire Capt. Chris Cade, who suffered serious facial injuries and other broken bones. Carnell is also accused of kicking a dog, tipping over a man in a wheelchair, starting a fire, beating a construction worker with a shovel, breaking into a woman s house and choking her and throwing rocks at police officers all in the span of about 90 minutes.

A plea deal last month let him shed a few of those charges in exchange for pleading guilty to robbery, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, arson and battery with the intent to commit a serious felony. All four charges are felonies, and they could land Carnell in prison for the rest of his life.

Ada County Deputy Prosecutor Shelley Akamatsu said she hasn t yet decided whether to ask Judge Richard Greenwood to impose the harshest penalty at the June 6 sentencing.

Police say drugs played a major role in the attacks, but it s the Meridian man s mental health that now threatens to hold up the case. The defense had Carnell evaluated by a psychologist, and Akamatsu wants to see those notes before the sentencing. Carnell s public defender, Erik Rolfsen, said no.

I can t challenge it until I know what the notes say, Akamatsu said. We re kind of in a pending holding status right now.

On Wednesday, a judge ruled Rolfsen didn t have to turn over those notes, but the prosecution could have Carnell evaluated by their own mental health professional. If Carnell refuses to speak to that psychologist, the defense will not be allowed to bring up the results of their own evaluation during the sentencing.

The judge gave Rolfsen until Tuesday to decide. He declined to comment Thursday. Akamatsu said she hopes for the victims sake the situation won t result a rescheduling of Carnell s sentencing date.

It s already pushed it back once, and we re trying to resolve it so it doesn t get pushed back again, because we re talking about talking about five victims that are affected that are going to be participating, she said.

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