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BOISE -- A doggy daycare hosted an adoption event Saturday that focused solely on mixed-breed dogs.

Mutt Madness was hosted by Camp Bow Wow and celebrated the dogs that are often overlooked because of a lack of pedigree.

Since mutts are the number one dog in the shelter, like Kido here is mixed with a lot of different things, that we would just bring out the mutts and just let people know that they're great dogs, said Camp Bow Wow Marketing Director Carol Smith. You don't necessarily have to have a pure bred dog to have a great family pet.

Smith says there are certain advantages to adopting a mixed-breed dog.

Usually the mixed breed dogs have the better temperament and less health issues than pure bred dogs, she said. With having the different breeds in them their health issues are reduced about 60-percent and they usually have just great temperament.

The adoption event featured dogs from the Idaho Humane Society, Fuzzy Pawz Rescue, Pug Pals, Idaho Domestic Animal Welfare Group, and Moonsong Malamute Rescue.

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