BOISE -- A couple is trying to create a permanent place for food trucks in Boise. Erin Sorensen and her husband want to take an eyesore lot at 25th and Fairview and turn it into a foodie heaven. They are working to create a food truck park on Boise's West End.

This idea kind of came about organically over a period of months, said Erin Sorensen. My husband and I had been looking for an idea to start a new business.

She wants to create a business that reflects the colorful community of Boise's West End.

I guess I'm biased, she said. I think the West End is the best end of Boise to live in.

Sorensen admits the lot at 25th and Fairview is an eyesore. However, she sees potential for a new food park, where food trucks could park more regularly. She envisions a plan with monthly rates based on the days the trucks plan to park there.

It's ugly right now, Sorensen said. I drive by and from my kind of 'wanting to change the world' perspective, I look at this everyday like, 'oh I'm just itching to make something cool happen over here' and I don't want it to be like a big, boring box store or a big giant medical complex.

The spot is owned by the city, so Sorensen plans to lease the lot. All the infrastructure they create has to be able to move in case the city finds someone to buy the lot.

This particular spot just seemed like an ideal location, said Sorensen. It's really visible, it's high-traffic, it's close enough to downtown Boise where you could walk if you needed to, it's close enough to the big business where you could provide a delivery service.

Sorensen is a home cook and has no plans to get her own truck.

We just feel that this area is a blank slate where we can really make it a great place, even greater, she said.

Sorensen said they've gotten great feedback from food trucks and area businesses. They are also hoping to anchor the park with a fresh produce stand.

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