BOISE -- The face of the Boise City Hall Plaza will soon be changing.

After three years, and many unsuccessful attempts at new artwork and water features, a plan is now in place.

The Capital City Development Corporation put out the call to local artists to design a feature for outside the building.

They got 27 proposals, which were then displayed for the public.

They had more than 3,000 comments and narrowed the search down to the top three.

Monday, they announced the winning design from local companies CTY Studio and Ecosystem Sciences. It features metal structures that mimic trees and cast unique shadows onto the ground.

CTY Studio says, the large-scale, imagery and form of the artwork is evocative of a grove of Cottonwoods. Standing before the sculpture, a viewer will encounter the stunning beauty of massive, folded steel plates cut through with intricate, Cottonwood leaf and branch patterns. The interior of this grove-like space will be filled with dappled light filtering through the forms. CTY will consult with local historians and the city of Boise to add historical and ecological elements to the art.

The CCDC and the city of Boise will split the cost of the artwork.

The total price tag is $200,000.

The water fountain in front of city hall will be removed and a new water feature will be put in.

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