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BOISE -- Shortly after opening the widely-anctipicated 8th and Main building, the Gardner Company unveiled more plans for the same area of downtown Boise.

The company recently purchased the adjacent U.S. Bank Building, and now plans two more buildings and underground transit center on the property.

We own the entire US Bank plaza, and it's approximately 2.2 acres, said Geoffrey Wardle, Gardner Company General Counsel and Vice President of Development. The surface parking lots that wrap around the south and west side will be where most of the new improvements are constructed. However a portion of the improvement will be constructed over the Southern portion of that grassy plaza.

They plan to put the Clearwater Building on the north side of the US Bank plaza, and the Center building on the South side.

Tuesday night, the company started the development process with a public hearing at the Boise City Council meeting.

This is just a prerequisite for us being able to come back and create the condominium units that VRT will ultimately be able to own, said Wardle. This is really the first step to create a parcel that allows us to then create a sub-surface box that will contain the VRT piece.

The process of getting everything approved will take time, which is why company officials jumped right into it. Wardle expects Gardner Company to have a public hearing every month for the next six to eight months before construction begins.

We will come back with another condominium plat application this summer, which will take the additional public right-of-way components that we require for the underground Valley Regional Transit component, and we will create VRT's piece so that they'll be able to own all of the underground piece, Wardle said.

Wardle expects final design approval for the above ground portion to happen in the third quarter of 2014. The process is more complicated than with their 8th and Main project because of all the entities involved: the Greater Boise Auditorium District (who will claim part of one of the new buildings), Ada County Highway District, City of Boise, and Valley Regional Transit.

I'd like to think we have the vision of what boise could be in 20 years, with respect to transit, said Wardle.

The build is estimated to take 24 months, and they plan to be finished by mid-2016. The Valley Regional Transit funding expires at the end of December 2016.

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