BOISE -- The sixth annual What's It Worth? appraisal event was back at the Idaho State Historical Museum on Sunday.

Proceeds from the annual fundraiser will go toward the museum renovation and expansion project beginning June 1, 2014.

Wendy Coome, President of the Friends of the Historical Museum, said the renovation will double its size and will take three years to complete.

It s going to be an all new building, she said.

So, to get the process on the right track, those who came paid a $5 entry fee, as well as a $10 fee for each item they wanted appraised.

We have had some quite interesting things, items come in, said Coome.

Coome explains the best appraisals to watch are those in which the item presented has unsuspecting value. She said, for example, a painting that one spouse hated but the other loved.

Then when it turned out to be a $40,000 Dutch painting, they liked it better, she laughed.

Boise resident Les Perison came to the event with an antique music box, baseball cards and some vintage cigarette silks.

Tobacco companies used to put them in with their cigarettes and cigars and they used to have different series of them, he explained of the silks.

He acquired much of the treasures as kid from a next door neighbor who gave him the items as gifts because he helped her out from time to time with chores.

Each baseball card was valued at around $150 and the antique music box was valued at around $1,500.

She took a liking to me and said you might as well have these, recalled Perison. Turned out great.

We are very proud to sponsor this event, said Coome. Last year someone brought in a Fender Telecaster electric guitar in its original coffin case purchased in 1952. We are always amazed and very much in awe of the types of things people bring to this event.

The Idaho State Historical Society and the Friends are raising the money through a capital campaign to pay for new exhibits in the updated museum.

For more information, call the Idaho State Historical Museum at 208 334-2120.

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