**Note: The video contains images that some may find disturbing.**

GARDENCITY -- People who live in a Garden City neighborhood are relieved after a mountain lion was caught, as the big cat has been seen roaming around their homes.

On Thursday, an Idaho Fish and Game huntsman was finally able to track down the mountain lion late in the afternoon near the greenbelt. Officers say the male cat was 6-years-old and about 119 pounds.

Trackers killed the cat after they were unable to tranquilize it.

Because of the size of the lion and the public safety concern with the density of the residential area, we decided we wanted this done that night, said Idaho Fish and Game conservation officer Bill London.

George Logan lives in the neighborhood where the mountain lion was first spotted. He came face to face with it in his backyard, and says the cat was hiding under his porch.

I was standing here, I looked over there and there's a big cat. I figured my cat hadn't grown that much, you know, said Logan. He called 911 immediately, but wasn't scared.

I really wasn't. He didn't seem threatening. I'm not a really brave person, but maybe I wasn't smart enough to think about it and didn't realize I was in danger, added Logan.

Other people in the neighborhood were worried about the cat trying to hurt their pets.

I have a dog, so it was kind of frightening because you can't let them out. It was kind of frightening, said Margaret Jenzan.

After getting reports about the cat, Fish and Game officers tracked the mountain lion for an hour and a half before it was caught and killed. They say they made that decision because of potential danger to the community.

I was going through people's backyards, their porches, hopping fences and going through common areas of the neighborhood, said London.

Now, a veterinarian is performing a necropsy on the big cat to find out more about its condition. Specifically, trying to figure out why it stayed in the Treasure Valley for several days.

Meanwhile, people who live in the neighborhood that it was spotted in say they're glad the threat is gone.

I knew he could cause nothing but trouble out here, Logan.

Fish and Game officials say this is not the same mountain lion that attacked two dogs in the foothills last week.

They say they knew this animal had been in the neighborhood for a while, because of old tracks found in the snow.

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