CENTERVILLE, Idaho -- Idaho Power has donated a truck to help a rural fire department fight brush fires.

On Jan. 23, Idaho Power donated a 1999 Dodge diesel 4x4 truck to the Centerville Volunteer Fire Department. The truck will be retrofitted with a 500-gallon water tank to be used for fighting fires.

Idaho Power and its Employee Community Funds have been longtime supporters of the Centerville Fire Department and an important part of our ability to protect life and property from fires, said Sid Brewer, Treasurer of the Centerville Fire District and volunteer firefighter. The generosity is very much appreciated by the community, and the truck is going to be a really valuable vehicle for us.

Idaho Power Community Relations Representative Bryan Wewers says the company recognizes the importance of these types of organizations in rural areas and they are happy to support their efforts.

We are so pleased to be able to help the community in this way. As Idaho Power retires its trucks, the company donates one or two each year if a nonprofit needs the type of equipment the company has available. In this case, it was very fortunate we had a diesel, four-wheel drive truck to donate, as that is the type of vehicle the fire department really needed, said Wewers.

The truck will help the fire department serve an area which is mostly rugged terrain.

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