BOISE 6-year-old Tristan Bittick donated everything he had to help his community.

Tristan s school, Liberty Elementary, recently held a food drive, benefiting the Idaho Foodbank. His school donated nearly 2,000 pounds of food, but Tristan decided to give even more. He donated $150 of his own money. Money he d been saving to go to Disney land. Why did Tristan decide to donate all that money?

Because I thought it would help people more.

Tristan knew his money would mean more to the Idaho Foodbank, saying, It s more important, because food is more important than Disneyland.

Jenifer Johnson with the Idaho Foodbank says Tristan s donation will provide 450 meals. It's just so impressive to see a gift from a child, because you know it came from the heart.

And Tristan s parents, Chelsy and Jeff Bittick, couldn t be more proud of their son. We're very proud of him. We are proud of you Tristan. Adding that having such a special son, Just gives you hope that you're doing the right thing and raising your kid the right way and he proved it to us that we're doing something right.

As for the trip to Disneyland? Tristan s dad says they ll still go.

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